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Using social media to bring about positive social change
 Since 2010
We are a digital media research collaborative working with Philadelphia nonprofits and community-based organizations

Our free services include



We specialize in how to use social media to grow your nonprofit and connect to your audience.



We offer workshops and training tailored to your organization’s particular communication needs.


Multimedia Production

We produce web-based videos to tell your story and assist you in sharing that story across social platforms.


Community Research

We look for inspirational research activities that advance knowledge about digital communication.

We are fortunate to have worked with these  Great clientS 
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What's new at B-Social?

31 Mar 2015

Meet Our Clients: Global Abilities Foundation

posted on 31 Mar 2015 in Clients

“My story is not unique. There are countless other individuals with disabilities who feel depressed, who are isolated from society, and who do not see the potential within themselves. I founded Global Abilities to reach these individuals, to give them the tools and motivation to become more confident in themselves and more engaged in their […]
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2 Mar 2015

Meet Our Clients: New Leash On Life

posted on 2 Mar 2015 in Clients

“God sent me here for a purpose and it’s not to spend my life in jail..and if it’s to save dogs’ lives I would really, really appreciate that.” Johnny (in program)   For dogs that do not escape the shelter system quickly, their rescue prospects grow quite small. They become “high risk” meaning that their […]
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5 Feb 2015

What It Means to “B-Social”

posted on 5 Feb 2015 in In Class

  As I begin my third semester working with the Beautiful Social enterprise, I’ve been reflecting on what it really means to be social across social media platforms and in working with our client organizations. The name of our enterprise began as “Beautiful Social,” but has slowly been shortened to B-Social over time. I think […]
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