We are a group of Communication & Digital Media students from
 Saint Joseph’s University 

We work with nonprofit organizations to increase their digital presence and to create a connection with their client base using social media platforms.

Our free services include, but are not limited to



We assess any nonprofit organization’s communication practices and recommend improvements in training, technology use, and strategies to create impact on the social web.



We design digital spaces to help promote citizenship, community engagement, and idea sharing. We offer workshops, training materials, and technology roadmaps tailored to an organization’s particular communication needs.


Multimedia Production Assistance

We strive to collaborate with schools and community organizations to carry out projects that advance knowledge about digital communication that has real world impact.


Research Partnerships

We participate in projects that demand expertise in web analysis, web usability and design, social media strategy and content analysis.

We are fortunate to have worked with these  Great clientS 
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Meet Our Clients: Global Abilities Foundation

posted on 31 Mar 2015 in Clients

“My story is not unique. There are countless other individuals with disabilities who feel depressed, who are isolated from society, and who do not see the potential within themselves. I founded Global Abilities to reach these individuals, to give them the tools and motivation to become more confident in themselves and more engaged in their […]
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Meet Our Clients: New Leash On Life

posted on 2 Mar 2015 in Clients

“God sent me here for a purpose and it’s not to spend my life in jail..and if it’s to save dogs’ lives I would really, really appreciate that.” Johnny (in program)   For dogs that do not escape the shelter system quickly, their rescue prospects grow quite small. They become “high risk” meaning that their […]
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What It Means to “B-Social”

posted on 5 Feb 2015 in In Class

  As I begin my third semester working with the Beautiful Social enterprise, I’ve been reflecting on what it really means to be social across social media platforms and in working with our client organizations. The name of our enterprise began as “Beautiful Social,” but has slowly been shortened to B-Social over time. I think […]
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Experiencing Project Home

posted on 1 Dec 2014 in Clients

  For some of the Project Home team, this was the first look into the world of putting on a production and shooting an assignment from beginning to end. The assignment entailed the group to draft storyboards, interview participants of Project Home, set up interview locations, and more. The experience of “running the show” was […]
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Birchrun Hills Kickstarter Launches

posted on 25 Nov 2014 in Clients

  During the past few weeks, the Birchrun Hills Farm group has been working diligently with Sue Miller to crank out the final product for her Kickstarter video. As described in the last post, Birchrun Hills Farm is a family owned and operated dairy farm located in the heart of Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. Working towards […]
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Civic Engagement at it’s Finest: Young and Involved Philadelphia

posted on 21 Nov 2014 in Clients

    Beautiful Social is excited to introduce you to another wonderful amazing non-profit organization we have been working with this semester! Meet: Young Involved Philadelphia, a civic engagement project in the Philadelphia area. Young Involved Philadelphia, also referred to as YIP, strives to get passionate,  young leaders to join forces to create a promising […]
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“None of Us Are Home Until All of Us Are Home”

posted on 11 Nov 2014 in Clients

  One resident described Project Home to us as “a family unit.”   Hello world! We are five female students of SJU who have had the honor to be apart of the Beautiful Social class this semester. We are two seniors, Kate Gentile and Maya Wilson, and three juniors, Haley Rooney, Gina Pontarelli and Gina […]
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A Cheese Maker and Her Vision

posted on 21 Oct 2014 in Clients

  This semester, students from the Beautiful Social class are working with a local cheese maker, Sue Miller of Birchrun Hills Dairy Farm. Located in the rolling hills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Sue, her husband Ken and her two sons Randy and Jesse, own and run a small family dairy farm where they produce and […]
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posted on 15 Oct 2014 in In Class

  Hello, and welcome to Beautiful Social! We are so excited that you are interested in our enterprise. Beautiful Social is a digital media collaborative directed by the Communication and Digital Media Department, at St. Joseph’s University. We are a group of digital media students who have a passion to work with nonprofit and community-based […]
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